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Our Product Range

OBM Flitrate Reducer

GLO ORGANO LIG 1000 Specially Formulated Modified Amine Treated  Organophilic Lignite.It is a High Temperature Filtration Control Agent. It is  designed for use in oil Based Drilling  Systems and synthetic based mud Systems  and is compatible with most additives. 
It may be used for filtration controls in oil and synthetic based muds.It is stable at high temperatures and can be used to control filtration rate in deep hot wells. 
• It improves filtration control.
• It is an alternate to Asphaltic  Products.
• It is compatible with all types of Oil base and Synthetic Based Systems.
• It Increases the temperature stability of Fluids. 
• It controls HTHP filtrate rate.
• It Disperses Easily and can be combined with other additives 
The material is packaged in 25 Kg/50 Lbs Sacks or in 1.0 MT jumbo bags as required by the customer. Additionally Customized packagingor private labeling is also available 
Safety and Handling:
Material must be handled as a Industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS