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Our Product Range

Guar Gum

GLO GUM manufactured by Zameet It is a natural occuring high viscosity polymer for use in both salt water and fresh water muds. It is derived from the seed of the guar plant. It is a polysaccharide polymer.
It is used for fluid loss control in all water based mud systems specially, in salt water mud. It provides viscosity. It can be use in most water types. It is useful for offshore drilling as it can be added directly to the sea water.
  • It controls fluid loss.
  • It provides viscosity of drilling fluids.
  • It adjusts rheological properties.
  • It is widely available and is an economical source polymer viscosifier.
Manufactured material by Zameet, the material can be packed in Multilayer Paper bags/HDPE bags of 25Kgs, 50 Lbs (22.68Kgs). Private labeling is provided on request.
Safety and Handling:
Manufactured material by Zameet, treat as a Industrial Chemical and wear required protective gear and observe the precautions as described in the MSDS