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Ferro chrome Lignosulfonate

Zameet Limited at its manufacturing Facility in Gujarat, India manufactures one of the most Popular Thinners/Dispersants for the Oilfield Industry chemically Known as Ferro Chrome Lignosulfonate. 
GLO FCLS is Ferro chrome Lignosulfonate manufactured by Zameet is a versatile Deflocculants, temperature Stabilizer, Filtration control additive and gel strength reducer for water based mud systems, it effectively controls rheological properties at elevated temperatures. It functions well in the presence of Contaminants and high calcium environments. It may be used in all types of water based muds, Salt water muds, Gypsum and Lime Mud Systems 
Common Name: Ferro Chrome Lignosulfonate 
GLO FCLS 1000 manufactured by Zameet is a excellent Deflocculants and a fluid loss control agent for water based mud systems. It has excellent deflocculating properties at elevated temperatures and in the presence of Contaminants and Functions well in Both Salt water and Fresh water Systems effectively.
  • Highly effective Deflocculants and rheology stabilizer
  • Functions well at elevated temperatures and in the presence of Contaminants
  • Excellent thinning and filtration control Properties
  • It also functions as a good emulsifier and provides Secondary Filtration Control
  • High Solubility and Mixes well in all types of Mud Systems functions in both Fresh water and Salt water Systems
  • Tolerant and continues to function well in High contamination Systems
  • Effective over wide Range of PH.
Material manufactured by Zameet  Limited is packed in 25kg or 50 Lbs (22.68 Kg) sacks. Private Labeling and customized packaging is also available on request 
Safety and Handling:
Material manufactured by Zameet Limited must be handled as a Industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS.